The folded banana leaf shape


          Historically, Shan people and other tribes living in the mountain regions of Myanmar have used a wider range of wild forest vegetables than vegetables cultivated in fields.

   Thus a fitting tradition has it that the Shan utilize banana leaves to hold food in various shapes.

   The royal logo of the banana leaf shape appears as a Pyramid(see picture), especially the Shan Sawbwar royal family, which employs the form in all invitational correspondance.

   This pyramid-shaped folding leaf invitation is used only by the Shan royal family, meaning that recipients of such invitations are considered to be esteemed by family members.

  In other words, the folded banana leaf logo in note, card or message means "you are cordially invited".

  The folded banana leaf shape is used not only as an invitation, but as well in practical everyday matters such as food trays and packaging.

  In keeping with this tradition, we use the concept of the folded banana leaf at our restaurant as a reflection of our reverence for the royal time of our Shan king.

   Ma Myo was born into the lineage of the Shan King's "Sao Shwe Theik" family.Culturally she understands the history of the royal family, and her culinary upbringing provided a foundation in the practical skill necessary in folding banana leaves into various attractive shapes.As she says, the main ingredients to perfect Shan meals are patience and gentle touch.

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