Taung Chune (the words mean 'peak of the mountain') is situated in the image of Shwe Bon Pwint Pagoda mountain, the highest and most famous peak in Taunggyi.

    Located walking distance from central Myoma market, Taung Chune is 45 minutes' drive from Heho Airport and on the way to Kakku.

    The historical compound upon which Taung Chune is situated formerly belonged to U Nu, who became the first prime minister of Burma in 1960. Later the compound was transferred to the grandson of Kengton Sawbwar, who had the house constructed in 1969.

    Taung Chune offers a wide selection of Shan and Inle cuisine, fine Shan noodles and traditional foods from such Myanmar ethnicities as Kachin, Kayar, Kayin, Chin, Mon, Pao, Danu and Palaung.

   And for those desiring a more European fare, Taung Chune serves mouth-watering delicious pizza and pasta.



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