Inle lake



Inle Lake

     Inle Lake is in the Shan Hills of Myanmar. At its southwestern edge, Phaung Daw Oo Phaya is a tiered pagoda with gilded Buddha ststues. In the hill, near the market town of Indein, the stupas of Shwe Inn Dein Pagoda resemble a      field of gold spires. The ruined stupas at nearby Nyaung Ohak have been reclaimed by forest. Maing Thauk village is    split between land and water, with a wooden bridge connecting the two halves.

      The lake, which measure 22 km long by 10 km wide, and sits in a valley between two mountain ranges, feels like a different world to the rest of Myanmar: in villages and towns across the lake, wooden houses are built on stilts and fishermen steer their one-man boats with a characteristic rowing style, wrapping ome leg aroung their oar.

      Along with fishing, traditional handicrafts are an important part of the local economy, and you will get to see silk weavers and silversmiths  plying  their  trade on the lake. And as with all of Myanmar, religion plays a massive part in      local life, and numerous pagodas and monasteries can be found on the lake and its shores.              


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