Special Outside Catering Section

Ma Myo and her husband Ko Zaw have designed several forms of ‘remote   feedings. 

Here are three examples:

1. We transport you to a lovely nearby forest in an authentic bullock-drawn cart for a picnic.

2. We take you by boat to the village off Inle Lake where Ko Zaw was born and raised - a village where little has changed over the past few hundred years and the presence of foreigners is definitely a novelty. (And where the villagers greet visitors with genuine smiles and unfeigned kindness). 

3. A private picnic lunch at a Pao village house on the way to Kakku.Pao ethnic people, who wear black dresses and turbans, live around the Taunggyi area. They speak their own language and live in bamboo houses. Taung Chune would like you to have the rich experience of Pao life and learn about their food.

 Eco-friendly takeaway thermos bamboo lunch box for your journey.

      For centuries, Shan people have used bamboo to create perfectly bio-degradable receptacles for transporting foodstuffs. So when we take you for lunch in a forest setting, a bamboo picnic box is the standard mode of carrying your food. Bamboo is particularly well insulated for both hot and cold and is nature-friendly. You may take the empty box home with you as a souvenir, or simply leave it in the forest, where it will decompose, returning to nature.

 Private dinner at your home or place of business.

      Taung chune can organize lunch or dinner for private celebrations such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and business meetings.



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