Service and Atmosphere:

- The elegant and warm ambiance of the house area, and cozy wooden hut with ethnic decorations in the garden, create a totally pleasing and relaxing atmosphere. 

- The best local ingredients - organic whenever possible - form the basic of Ma Myo's contemporary Shan cuisine. Her proven creative skills and long experience as chef to the most discerning European clientele combine to produce sumptuous meals to individual taste.

- You will experience well-organized management, fine Shan cuisine and Lake Mountain people hospitality, all combined to create lasting memories from the experience ofTaung Chune's extraordinary presentation.

Wine and Drinks:

- A fine and varied selection of French, Italian, Australian, South African and Myanmar wines. 

Incentive Travel and Outside Catering:

- Taung Chune specializes in 'incentive' travel and organizes personalized themes for outside catering according to individual needs and tastes.

(Kindly see special catering section)

About our restaurant

-Restaurant seats 48 persons.

-In the garden and wooden hut: 48 persons.

-Boutique with quality ethnic souvenirs.

-Large car parking area.

Backyard View

-Taung Chune Restaurant is 100% environmental friendly.

- Drinking and waste water biotechnologically treated.

- Food Safety management procedures to comply with the most up-to-date systematic preventative approach addressing physical, chemical and biological hazards. The system is used at every single stage of food production and preparation. 

- We invite vistors to observe and inspect every aspect of our facility.  




Visitors: 42,684