Our executive chef, Ma Myo Myo Htet, was the creator and original chef of the famed ViewPoint restaurant in Nyaung  Shwe, on the banks of magnificent Inle Lake. She now holds the same two titles at the popular Taung Chune restaurant in Myanmar's third largest city of Taunggyi. Recognised as one of the premier chefs in Myanmar, her love of Shan cuisine developed when working with her mother, aunt and grandmother while growing up.



     "They did everything naturally and in the traditional Shan way" claims 43 year old Ma Myo. "And even though I have added plenty of my own ideas and recipes from our Shan families, cook books plus research and trial and error. I still make everything on the premises. All of it is prepared from natural ingredients".

     Shortly after finishing university in 1996, she and her husband Ko Zaw opened a small hotel and restaurant which they called ViewPoint. Though Nyaung Shwe was a sleepy town then word of her expertise as a chef, none the less, became known as far away as the national capital of Yangon. There Boris Granges, creator and original chef of Myanmar's number one rated restaurant, Le Planteur, heard of her culinary magic. Granges, Swiss, flew to Nyaung Shwe, sampled Ma Myo's fare and offered to finance a major restaurant at ViewPoint. While teaching her European kitchen management and waitperson procedure, Granges, wisely, left all the cooking to Ma Myo.

     In 2012 Ma Myo and Ko Zaw, while still shareholders in ViewPoint, left Nyaung Shwe and moved to the nearby capital of the Shan state, Taunggyi. As they had 20 years before, the couple started with a piece of bare land and built 'every stick and brick' of the new operation on their own. Word of mouth of Ma Myo's cuisine spread quickly and soon Taung Chune became one of the more popular dining establishments of the city.

     In 2014 Ma Myo embarked on a series of international training courses from which she gained certification in the following:

     Certificate of completion of the food service study course - from the Organization of Japanese Restaurant Abroad and HIDA.

    Certificate of completion of a workshop on Food Service Corporate Activities for Myanmar - from the Overseas Human Resources and Industry Development Association in Japan (EEMF)

   Ma Myo then travelled to Thailand where she gained certification after  completing a course in Thai Cooking from Unilever Food Solution.

    Since then Ma Myo attended a cooking training in"Ter Duinen Hotel School in Belgium" and gained certificates in European Food Service and cooking.




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